Frey grinding head systems

The FREY WK98 and WK132 grinding head systems are designed to be used as attachments to FREY vacuum stuffers. 

Frey Models

Frey WK98

Frey WK132

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The FREY grinding head systems WK98 and WK132

Due to the FREY rotor pump system the product continuously flows out and is led to the cutting set of the FREY grinding head. Before the product is led into the filling tube, it is grinded to the size of the final granulation. Production time can be shortened, meaning high quality and a hygienic finish with the usual standing time heating and contamination being reduced.

Best product quality due to FREY vacuum filling machines in SA or WK version in combination with grinding head WK98/132

Easy operation

All data of WK 98/132 can be set via the controls TC266 or TC733 of the filling stuffer. All parameters of WK98/132 are automatically stored with the filling program.


The grinding head system WK98 can be used with following filling stuffers: Frey F-Line F100/103, F160/163, F190/193/200, F222/F223 F260/266 (Servo drive SA 4,7 KW required)

The grinding head system WK132, for increased performance, is designed for use with filling stuffers equipped with grinding drive WK (7,1 KW) F-Line F193WK, F200WK, F222WK oder F223WK.

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