Frey Kebab Line

Frey Kebab Line - an optimum attachment for manufacturing kebab slices

Frey Models

Frey KL6/260

Frey KLB40

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Clear advantages for users of the Frey KL6/260 kebab line

Increase of production capacity whilst reducing number of staff.
Quick processing means minimum heating up of the product.
Due to the vacuum, the slice and stick are held together.
Better durability of the product due to vacuum evacuating air out of the product.
Programming allows quick and simple changes to the form and size of stick.
High hygienic standard.
Comfortable ergonomic working.
Slices can simply be taken off due to the cut-off device.
Loading of the machine with integrated lifting device.
Simple removal of the slices due to a working knife.

Frey KL6/20 kebab line

The form and size of your kebab stick can be determined due to the programming options. With the Frey KL6/260 you can select one to four slices per working process, depending on the number of the people working at the desk.

The thickness of the döner slices can manually be set.

We recommend using the Frey F-LINE F260 and KONTI T260 as leading pump. They offer sufficient filling capacity to achieve the utmost performance of the KL6 line.

These are available with different type of controls such as TC733 with touch screen operation or with the well proven LCD3 control.

Sharing the work is especially important for the kebab line workers; the workers at the machine only should have to take off the slices from the plates to fill up the kebab sticks. Other workers have to prepare the meat slices. This is the best way to reach an optimum production output with your kebab line.

Frey KLB40 Kebab Line

The Frey KLB40 is an attachment for producing accurate doner slices. Thanks to the programmable control technology, doner slices can be portioned and formed in different, defined diameters and thicknesses one after another and in the required quantity.

  • Uniform and precisely formed doner slices

  • Filling pressure-controlled forming of the slices

  • Slice diameter from 100 to 400mm; slice thickness from min. 12 to max. 90mm

  • Intelligent, servo motor-controlled lifting and lowering movement of the lifting table

  • Precision bearing guided movement of the cutting blades

  • High-Line-controlled conveyor belt

  • Conveyor belt can be detached without tools

  • Cutting blades can be exchanged without tools

  • Hygienic design

  • Conveyor belt length TB210/40 variable

Enquire about this product

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